Welcome to MIA Technologies!

MIA Technologies is an engineering centric company with decades of experience in controls design, software development and fabrication.  We specialize in PLC and computer based solutions and have many years of experience with system design and integration.

Our Mission

Offer manufacturers a reliable, high quality alternative to in-house electrical and automation design via our practical experience, know-how, contacts, and on-time completion.

Our Team is Here to Serve You

What We Do

MIA Technologies provides engineered automated systems and automated control systems integration for several industries.  Our largest customer base is in the ever-evolving automotive industry.  With our knowledgeable staff, extensive facilities, vendor partnerships, and an expanding customer base, we are able to provide comprehensive products and services such as:

• Automated electrical controls
• Vision systems
• VFD conveyor controls
• Spot welding controls
• Sealer robots
• Material handling robots

• Arc welding robots
• Waste sludge automation controls
• Barcode scanners
• Error proofing
• Downtime tracking

• Dryers and ovens
• Complex data communications
• RFID systems
• Data acquisition
• Model tracking systems

What Our Clients Say…

MIA does an excellent job. We appreciate their integrity.

Fairfield Manufacturing Stan Mann, VP of Operation

Technology Articles and News

MIA Technologies hires seasoned Senior Controls Engineer Robert Minton

MIA Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Robert (Bob) Minton as our latest Senior Controls Engineer. Robert comes to us with an extensive background in PLC programming, as well as, advanced knowledge in machine communication protocols (i.e. Modbus, Profibus, and Ethernet IP). Robert has experience with many PLC platforms including Allen Bradley, […]

Mitsubishi Ethernet driver block size

It takes the same amount of time to respond to a data request message on a Q, QnU, or R series CPU via the MELSEC protocol over TCP/IP regardless of message size. So for an 11 byte response or a 1920 byte response, the time to service that request is the same. KepServerEX’s Mitsubishi driver […]

2015 PASS Summit and the Internet of Things

The day 2 keynote of the 2015 PASS Summit opened my eyes to something I was not aware that Microsoft was involved in: the Internet of Things, or IoT. Previous to this presentation, I thought of IoT as Raspberry Pi’s, Nest thermostats, connected cars, and Fitbits. But that is just one side of the concept, […]