Manufacturing Automation Technology – Our Expertise

Because markets involved with engineering are constantly changing, MIA Technologies benefits from a persistent stream of customers. The automotive market is of special interest to us, as new models are built and old models are revamped on a regular basis. Any other industry that utilizes automation also requires such technology in order to streamline business processes and operate with minimum downtime. MIA Technologies provides the necessary machines and robots to facilitate full automation in any factory setting. It also retrofits old machines with new parts. Our services rely on a foundation of several complex operations, which are completed by highly experienced engineers. MIA Technologies’ primary parts and processes are detailed below.


PLC and computer-based solutions

PLCs (programmable logic controllers) are digital computers that aid in controlling automated industrial machines. Such technology is widely used in factory settings, such as assembly lines. These robust machines can withstand high and low degrees of temperature, pressure, electrical noise, vibration, and impact. PLCs process data and create output in real-time.


PLC Programming

As small computers with specialized operating systems, PLCs require their own programming language. This language, like any other computer syntax, is based on logic outputs that rely on on/off switches. MIA Technologies provides all necessary programming for its PLC units.


Material handling and process control

MIA Technologies engineers machines such as conveyor belts for the handling of bulk material. It also provides process control to manage the output of these machines depending on critical values.


Arc welding and spot welding robot design and integration

MIA Technologies is experienced in engineering and integrating welding robots for various jobs. It engineers both arc welding and spot welding robots for the fusion of metals in sheet or any other form.


HMI and SCADA Systems

HMIs, or human-machine interfaces, are designed to present information to human operators, and these operators input their processes through the HMI to control the linked machine. HMIs comprise just one example of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), which is a large-scale control system that can collect data and receive commands. MIA Technologies implements several types of SCADA for its customers.


Computer local area networks (LAN)

A LAN is a network of computers that are connected together in a small region. They are usually hardwired or connected through Wifi, but other connection options exist as well. MIA Technologies engineers local area networks for its clients to connect their computers and machines and synchronize operations.


Custom software design and development

MIA Technologies can design and develop custom software for its clients’ machines. Our services cover the entire process of development, from concept to completion. Clients communicate closely with MIA Technologies during the process to ensure that the software fits their specific needs.


MMI systems and error proofing

MIA Technologies specializes in creating MMI (man-machine interface) systems. These include a variety of data-collecting implementations, such as graphical user interfaces (GUI) and command line interfaces. We also perform error proofing on all MMI systems to ensure maximal operations.


Project management and functional specifications

MIA Technologies provides strong project management from project start to completion for all clients. After machines or interfaces have been fully developed, we provide functional specifications tailored to their future users for instruction and support.


Server Virtualization

Running multiple operating system instances on a single physical server allows for better utilization of the hardware investment for better ROI, higher availability by allowing the OS instance to not be tied to the physical server brand or generation, and greater scalability as you can create new virtual servers in minutes as opposed to days or weeks having to order, rack, and stack a physical machine. MIA Technologies has years of experience in server virtualization, so whether you are just starting down this path or are already 100% virtualized, we can help optimize your environment to make it as highly available, cost effective, and productive for your business as possible.


SQL Server Database Administration

From understanding Microsoft licensing models, to installation using best practices, backup and availability, performance tuning, and application development, MIA Technologies has years of experience in making SQL Server sing in mission critical environments. If you are struggling with performance, need to develop or improve your backup or availability strategy, or migrate to a newer version of SQL Server, MIA Technologies extensive experience will compose the complexities of this relational data platform into a symphony of productivity and insight for your operations.


Enterprise Data Storage

The enterprise storage market has exploded with a dizzying number of new vendors and innovative technologies in recent years. We have extensive experience in understanding the technical differences in each product, vetting all aspects of each solution, and implementing the project be it a migration, addition, or upgrade to an existing array. So I need an all solid state array or will a hybrid array fit my needs? What options for replication and high availability do I have with my existing array? Will a software-based solution with internal server storage fit my needs? We can answer all of these questions and more.