MIA Hires Ben Davis as VP of Technology

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MIA Technology is happy to introduce you to its new technology guru, Ben Davis.  We look forward to Ben helping us continue to grow our company and services.  Ben brings much applicable experience with him to his new post.  The following testimonial about him from his previous employer explains.

Being in the production control department of SIA has given me the privilege of working with Ben Davis over the past 7 years. Over that time, I’ve made countless requests for his assistance and guidance relating to a vast range of vehicle tracking and systems software programs and hardware, not infrequently on a matter that couldn’t wait. Ben became a valuable resource on virtually every topic, so much so that I and others in my group would take it for granted that he would have a solution without even knowing his involvement in a project. This belief was continually reinforced with years of experience.

Beyond just his range of knowledge, I’ve always been particularly impressed with Ben’s ability to impartially weigh options both before and after reaching a decision. His readiness to reconsider positions in light of new information has helped prevent, as well as solve, a variety of problems. In a fast-flowing production environment, this often meant that when an obvious-sounding solution failed, Ben had already considered another effective way of achieving the same end. Additionally, Ben has superb communication skills and habits that broadened the understanding and skill sets of the others involved. Members of my group are better prepared now in many ways for having received his insights.

Production Control Group Leader, Subaru of Indiana Automotive